The 2018 Challenge

About the 2018 Challenge

The challenge for 2018 is to ‘develop novel and sustainable solutions to enable the safety of citizens in urban population centres through the smart application of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and novel business models and their effective integration with urban assets and infrastructure’.

Proposed solutions may cover any domain within the renewable energy theme and one or more points within the value chain. Proposed solutions should include demonstrable new technologies as well as novel business models that support widespread adoption and successful commercialisation.  As outlined in the challenge statement, proposed solutions could cover a wide range of capabilities (such as telecommunications devices, mobile application or enterprise level solutions) that address ‘public safety’ in the context of Smart Cities, such as for example:

  • Critical incident warning and management;
  • Disaster management and recovery;
  • Emergency and safety management;
  • Device applications that utilise building and infrastructure information and data;
  • Emergency response aids;
  • Crowd control and flow management;
  • Mass casualty events; and so on.

(These are examples only and not meant to indicate any constraint for responding teams and solutions partners.)



Finalists Guidance

TBC – Video/document material uploaded on the website closer to the finals.

Finalists Presentations

Videos of presentations are uploaded post event.