The 2015 Global Business Challenge

The 2015 Challenge

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How to identify a technology collaborator

Teams are encouraged to identify potential technology collaborators from a variety of sources. These may include their own institution, other research organisations, industry including start-ups.

For the first time, the GBC is proud to have the World Intellectual Property Organisation as a key partner (WIPO Green). The WIPO Green initiative comprises a database of over 2800 commercial ready technologies that are available for commercialisation from WIPO’s partner network of research organisaitons and governments around the world.

This will provide a rich environment for teams to identify technology collaborators with facilitation being provided by WIPO personnel. Students will also be afforded opportunities to attend WIPO network functions at locations close proximity to their host institutions around the world.

About WIPO Green

WIPO GREEN, an interactive marketplace that connects technology and service providers with those seeking innovative solutions, was established by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 2013.

WIPO GREEN consists of an online database and network that brings together a wide range of players in the green technology innovation value chain, and connects owners of new technologies with individuals or companies who might be looking to commercialize, license or otherwise distribute a green technology.

In this way, we help not only to accelerate innovation and diffusion of green technologies, but also contribute to the efforts of developing countries in addressing climate change.

Key Dates

The key dates for the 2017 GBC are provided below. It is important to note that while the closing date of registrations is Wednesday 5 July 2017 [GMT + 10:00], teams will not be provided with briefing material on the challenge until they have registered.

It is strongly recommended that teams register and start as early as possible in formatting their proposed concept solution for Round 1.

While the submission itself is not onerous (a virtual presentation and Executive Summary), teams will need to identify appropriate collaborators and design their proposed solution which takes time… so start early to be as competitive as possible!

Registrations Open Registrations Now Open
Registrations Close Wednesday 5 July 2017 [GMT + 10:00 Brisbane]
Round 1 Virtual Submission – Monday 10 July 2017
6PM [GMT + 10:00 Brisbane]
Finalists announced at 12th World Congress – Thursday 3 August 2017
Finals Week Monday 6 November – Thursday 9 November